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А кто-нибудь из вас увлекается оригами? или может дети-родичи?) у меня сын увлекается)

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СообщениеДобавлено: 15 окт 2011, 19:59 

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а я сама когда-то этим занималась) прикольные фигурки получались)))

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СообщениеДобавлено: 16 окт 2011, 12:57 

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а мне и сейчас нравится, прикольно получается, это интересно)

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СообщениеДобавлено: 16 окт 2011, 14:53 

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Не знаю, никогда не пробовала, но вы заинтересовали меня)

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СообщениеДобавлено: 16 окт 2011, 17:56 

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я в школе занималась, хорошо получалось, ну а сейчас переросла)

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СообщениеДобавлено: 20 май 2013, 00:09 

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"Diablo 3" the security and stability of the Expert mode to play the money line experience
1, D2 run rune enough to make an unlimited MF highest out of 30 # (nihlathak compliment), but what of the language of high runes did not do anything, do not play until some time Member No. expired, and now for 1 and a half years did not play D2 ......
D3 from the open service in the United States serving intermittent play up to now, not long ago went to HC and Dances, <a href="http://www.goldwto.com/diablo3_gold.html">d3 gold</a> hanging two 30 multi-level witch doctor, and finally excel at a 8 peak level witch doctor, the current state is : 59,000 lives, 17,000 injuries (with penetrating fog), 4800 A (with add armor sister), 550 + anti, Block 19, Dodge 20, picked up from 12,0 to strike back, 160 seconds back to 3800 goals back to. Mixed MP A1.
3, measurements report is completed, special thanks to what HC base, aichiyumii, tisen, myther, plongyuan, Friends of the way of my support and companionship.
HC purgatory the concrete steps of the the 10MP run gold
1, choose purgatory of ACT1 8-1 pursuit of the true God of the task, the Monster Vaillant select 10.
PS: In fact, behind the true Church of election to pursue any task line, but the proposed election of the pursuit of the true God of the following "Start Task reason to see the second note.
Into the game dialogue with Leah, and then sent to the the Wo Samu church cellar (the next as long as it does not change the task, choose to continue the game, into the game without dialogue with Leah, delivered directly to the the Wo Samu church cellar can) , then all the way rummaging Bianshi the raids entire Wo Samu village, has been mopping up front of Ai Ruini cave Wo Samu just above the cliffs at the half-discs.
PS: The first step choose to pursue God of true task advantage into the game, the the Wo Samu church cellar is the last delivery point of the station, this can largely be avoided wrong hands other field Teleport monster loved.
Turn after the last bodies on the half-discs, diablo 3 gold TP return, leaving the game, and then continue the game, start a new round of raids.
4 foot process, in Wo Samu cliff after the bridge bridgehead have a chance encounter alchemist Luo Dege, selling half-price medicine.
, Skills, equipment selection
1, Skills:
Active, passive running speed skills can I witch doctor, the choice is Ling-line operation - the soul stroll fear spirit - terrorist hunt
2, equipped with:
(1) plus speed: Recommended: +12 running speed shoes, sweat the tacit Hyun pants (pants), the Witte original leg (one-handed weapon), what La Kuni Stalker, Tyrrell force like too expensive.
(2) plus pickup range: Recommended: This is too much.
(3) plus gold coins found: this needs to be all the base faithful verify, because a version looks like a Blue paste Speaking GF, MF installed no longer work on the objects in the environment.
PS1: I just opened near 1.05, 1.05a before the update has done a very small sample size test (250GF and 550GF each run 10 times) and concluded that the the 550GF revenue 250GF almost doubled, do not know is the small sample size the illusion, or GF on the environment object still works, but the mode of action is changed, for example, wow gold GF no longer affect the probability of whether pulls out coins, but the impact pulls out the number of coins.
PS2: The Purgatory 10 MP, the GF increase the 250, plus equipment, peak level, followers GF, up to 550.
Fourth, income
1, I am moving speed of 23, blade and soul gold picked up from the 29, GF550, the whole spirit intraoperative fear Spirit CD on to finish an average of 108 seconds (2010 configuration of the notebook into the game, into the map a bit slow) the average income of 10,000 coins, doing more than 30 million gold in one hour, it seems a bit painful too little, harvest
2, the face of the box pulls out a flawless Founder gem, the probability is very small, turn purple gem smaller chance
3, is absolutely safe - this is perhaps the greatest gains
V. Conclusion
1 posts entertaining than practical, say AH is the preferred way of making money, followed by MF, followed by ...
2, further research direction: the number of MP hell, full GF, manual the goldsmith most efficiency?

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